Franzosini APP MOBILE includes the calendars of the truck bans from the countries bordering Switzerland and also every single codified abbreviation of the Incoterms 2010 which clearly state who is in charge of the costs and the responsibilities of every step of the transport,of the customs duties at departure and at arrival and of the cost of insurance.

With the new release, it is also possible to calculate the fee (HVF) by indicating an intermediate destination in order to receive more accurate data or in order to assess the amount due by simply setting the number of km to cover.

Integrated “Push”-system for real-time notifications on very important news regarding the transport sector (strikes or other).

A tooltip with hints is available in order to help the users with handling the application.

It is a multilingual application (from the “Settings” menu it is possible to customize the application) and available for i-Phone and i-Pad.

EVVDataCenter - L'archivio digitale delle IMe

Oltre 1000 aziende hanno scelto EVVDATACENTER, un prodotto che semplifica notevolmente il disbrigo automatico delle vostre IMe Import, Export, nonché tutta la documentazione inerente le vostre spedizioni. Con EVVdatacenter il ritiro, il controllo, l’archiviazione, le analisi, le statistiche e la ricerca risulteranno nettamente molto più efficienti. Evvdatacenter, il prodotto più venduto, apprezzato ed economico in Svizzera.