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Information Technology is increasingly significant in the company strategy and the use of computerised systems is nowadays joint to the main activities. Franzosini has a specific sector which processes internal requirements and finds the solutions for adapting itself to the continuous normative updates and the requests of its clients. Supported by skilled computer technicians who are constantly updated on the main technological innovations, we are able to look forward to the continuous IT and customs changes in the right way, knowing how to handle technological evolution as a challenge, as an opportunity to improve and not as an obstacle.


The Franzosini fleet is equipped with a satellite system allowing easy two-way communication, in order to improve the control and handle vehicles and drivers. Connected navigation displays on vehicles showing in real-time on road maps, their exact position and monitoring movements. Moreover, it identifies where a vehicle is located respect to the resources, choosing which driver is able to manage a new task. Communications from and to the office are continuous and immediate: the position of the lorry and delivery status to the clients is updated in real-time with the possibility to manage any urgency with containment of the final cost.


Franzosini’s personnel have a well-advanced information system dedicated to transport planning which automatically generates the vehicle fleet’s road routes, both for pickup and delivery; showing the delivery plan and ideal movements. An organisation which promote and increase the productivity through rationalisation of the resources, and rapid deliveries. The target is the reduction in prices and environmental respect, maximum time per each journey, maximum number of daily driving hours. The software support our operational staff as per e.g. unloading time band, maximum number of deliveries per journey, respect of capacity in relation to weight and volume of the lorries; whether for containers, loose or liquid goods. Franzosini software also processes loading methods and allows optimised filling of vehicles: a “three-dimensional” system which facilitates the best use of the available space. It permits to have a look to the various requests relating to the load made by clients, considering the limitations caused by packing (stacking possibility, stability, grouping).