AEO certification is a highly valuable recognition for companies involved in shipping, customs operations and logistics, as it provides significant benefits in terms of simplified customs procedures and increased security in international transport operations. Franzosini SA has achieved AEO Full, customs and security qualification, demonstrating that it meets the highest standards of efficiency, financial soundness and competence, benefiting its customers who enjoy high quality services and faster controls.


Authorized Economic Operator


AEO certification represents a recognition of excellence in customs operations and supply chain security, and Franzosini SA is proud to have achieved this important recognition. AEO certification, for both the customs and security portions, was obtained after a rigorous evaluation process by the customs authorities, who verified that the company’s procedures and processes comply with international regulations.

Franzosini’s decision to obtain AEO certification was not compulsory, but was made with the aim of guaranteeing its customers maximum reliability and security in import and export operations. Obtaining AEO certification is the result of a systematic approach to managing customs operations, which involved all employees of the company.

AEO-certified operators benefit from special facilities in the area of security controls, such as reduced customs checks and priority in shipments selected for inspection. In addition, AEO certification makes it possible to analyze and optimize internal procedures and control mechanisms, providing a guarantee of quality in international trade and making it possible to obtain recognition of AEO status in countries with which Switzerland has concluded a respective mutual recognition agreement.

AEO certification enables Franzosini SA to enjoy a number of benefits for customs and security simplification, speeding up shipment times and offering its customers high-quality and secure services in handling goods under customs bond. In addition, the AEO status of the correspondent Franzosini Italia S.r.l. guarantees a privileged channel in customs inspections in Italy, confirming the professional competence and fiduciary relationship with the customs administration.

Franzosini SA is proud to have been one of the first companies in the industry to achieve AEO certification, demonstrating its ongoing commitment to the quality of its services and compliance with international customs regulations. AEO certification is a competitive advantage for the company, confirming its constant focus on safety and regulatory compliance, ensuring its customers maximum reliability and safety in import and export operations.

AEO Certification Safety and Efficiency

Thanks to the AEO qualification, we are able to offer our clients a high-quality service, simplifying customs procedures and ensuring greater security in international transport operations. AEO certification is a differentiator that testifies to our excellence and ongoing commitment to ensuring maximum customer satisfaction.