FRANZOSINI MOBILE APP: The first and only application that calculates the cost of the heavy vehicle fee in Switzerland. Available for free in  App Store.


Switzerland has always been sensitive to environmental issues and in order to discourage traffic on the road and especially of vehicles more polluting, has established the heavy vehicle fee commensurate with performance (HVF). In summary is a federal tax depends on the total weight of the vehicle emission level and on the kilometers driven in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein. It must be paid on all motor vehicles and their trailers that:

– Have a total weight exceeding 3.5 tonnes;

– Carry out the transport of goods;

– Are registered in Switzerland or abroad and drive on public roads in Switzerland.

Currently, the tax rates in force from 01.07.2012 are as follows:


Tax category Emission category Rate
I EURO 2, 1 3.10 cts. / tkm
II EURO 3 2.69 cts. / tkm
III EURO 4 e 5 2.28 cts. / tkm



Reduced rate:


III EURO 6 2.05 cts. / tkm



Reduced rate for vehicles with a filter system which meet the limit value of particulate EURO 4 (0.02 g / kWh):


I EURO 2 2.79 cts. / tkm
II EURO 3 2.42 cts. / tkm



For the articulated vehicles registered as a single unit, the tax is calculated on the total weight of the unit. If the tractor seat and trailer are registered separately, is determining the weight of the tractor seat and the total weight of the trailer.


Franzosini MOBILE APP allows you to automatically calculate the amount due Swiss Federal Customs Administration,  according to the tables listed above.

It also allows the instant viewing of the map with the route to go.

The application is multilingual: simply customize the application from SETTINGS menu.

Franzosini MOBILE APP also offers a complete service of insights on the actual incoterms, useful for those who have specific issues to be explored in the field of international transports.  

The Application is available for iPhone and iPad and from the contact page you can connect directly to the corporate website of the SA Luciano Franzosini.

It’s useful to point out that the following vehicles registered in Switzerland and abroad are exempted from the tax:

  • Military vehicles with military number plates or civil number plates and the M+ sticker;
  • Vehicles of the police, fire brigade, oil and chemical emergency unit, civil protection and ambulances;
  • Vehicles used for the concessionary transport of persons;
  • Agricultural vehicles (green number plates);
  • Swiss short-term number plates;
  • Vehicles which are not currenlty licensed and have dealers’ number plates (except for vehicles bound for exportation);
  • Driving school vehicles for as long as they are used for schooling purposes and are licensed for an approved driving school;
  • Veteran and vintage cars which are identified as such in the vehicle license;
  • Vehicles with electrical traction;
  • Trailers for persons and goods used by the carney industry and circuses;
  • Crawler-type vehicle;
  • Transport axles;
  • On previous application to the Directorate General of Customs: Vehicles used for humanitarian, non-profit or non-commercial purposes.

Special regulations apply for the following vehicles and transports: Unaccompanied combined traffic (TCNA), timber transports, bulk milk transport, transports of productive livestock.