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The Goods Control Ordinance (GKV) regulates the export of dual-use goods as well as military goods that are not subject to the War Material Act, such as simulators. The GKV implements decisions of international agreements and non-binding international control measures. For example, export applications are not granted if they relate to the production of weapons of mass destruction or the conventional armament of a state that endangers regional or global security with its behaviour.

The War Material Act regulates the export of weapons and munitions, as well as equipment that has been specifically conceived or modified for use in combat. When it comes to the export of war material, it is vital that the export goods do not infringe on international law, international obligations or the principles of Swiss foreign trade.

‹Lists of affected goods, along with information on the legal basis and the necessary data sheets and forms› can be found on the website of the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (seco).