The Management of Luciano Franzosini SA is pleased to announce that it is available online the new company website reachable at: .

The new website presents a clear and elegant graphics and contents have been renewed and expanded with all the services and opportunities that Franzosini offers to its customers.

We decided to create a unique business page, even for Franzosini Italy Srl ( then reachable to the following address: ) and handle it completely internally , with no external supports to be 100% autonomous with the changes and to keep it constantly updated.

In addition to the usual business informations, with the new site it’s possible to subscribe directly to newsletters from the proper section (existing registrations where maintained), and has been simplified the area “restricted access”, available to all our customers, aimed at search customs clearances documentation.

There’s also a new section dedicated to social network that allows users to track information about Franzosini and the entire area of international transport on the major socials .

Has been enabled also subscription to the RSS feed ( alerts that appear on the PC or on mobile devices , if there were any new business ) .

Finally, in the contacts section, has been given a new look to the references of the different branches , more intuitive and readable.

In the hope that this modernization is to your liking, we wish