International distribution

Our company offers a wide range of freight distribution services, including partial transportation, groupage, temperature-controlled transportation, dangerous goods transportation, express shipping, and many other options that can be customized to meet each customer’s needs. We ensure maximum reliability, efficiency and safety throughout the entire process of transportation and delivery of goods.

International distribution:
efficient and widespread shipping services

Franzosini is a leader in international transportation, offering qualified, reliable and competitive shipping services throughout Europe. With a large capacity of vehicles and an extensive network of correspondents, we guarantee daily departures with specific transit-time to any destination through our international distribution service. Our great flexibility allows us to always meet every need, offering tailor-made solutions for the shipment of your goods.

Our efficient and extensive international network allows us to guarantee daily departures with specific transit times to any destination. Thanks to our great flexibility, we are always able to meet every need, offering tailor-made solutions for the shipment of your goods.

Our international distribution service offers a wide range of options to meet the specific needs of our customers, including partial and full transportation, temperature-controlled transportation, ADR dangerous goods transportation, and express shipping. We also offer services of imperative delivery, transportation of fragile goods and cross trade shipment management.

With our broad view of flows thanks to customized management systems, we guarantee the most qualified and complete coverage of the logistics chain for every commodity sector, directly managing each stage with utmost reliability and precision. We also offer consulting and assistance services related to customs operations and technical and tax practices connected with foreign trade.

Our experienced international distribution employees offer you a viable solution for partial and full transports to and from Switzerland, groupage groupage transports, temperature controlled transports and ADR hazardous goods transports. We also offer transportation services for trade shows and events, Free Point terminal shipments, and cross trade shipment management, in Switzerland, Italy and throughout Europe.

Rely on Franzosini for your international shipments and discover our constant attention to our customers’ needs and passion for high-quality service. For your international shipments, contact us today for more information on the necessary documentation.



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Our wide range of international distribution services is designed to meet every shipping need of our customers with customized and flexible solutions. We offer partial and full transportation, express shipping, cross trade shipment management, ADR dangerous goods transportation, imperative delivery, and much more. Our constant attention to our customers’ needs and passion for high quality service enable us to ensure maximum satisfaction and reliability in international goods distribution.