Logistic and forwarding services in Liberia


Capital City

4.4 Mio.

National languages
English (official language)

Liberian Dollar (LRD)

Gross national product (GNP)
USD 2.06 Mia.

GNP per person
USD 479

Financial exports to Switzerland
CHF 32.76 Mio.

Financial imports from Switzerland
CHF 0.93 Mio.

Bilateral relations Switzerland–Liberia

Diplomatic relations between the two countries are not very intensive. Switzerland and Liberia have concluded various bilateral agreements. Since 2003, when the civil war ended, Switzerland has supported the reconstruction of the country and the reintegration of refugees.

Economic cooperation

The volume of trade between Switzerland and Liberia is modest. In 2011, Swiss imports totalled CHF 2.3 million, primarily jewellery and precious stones. Exports to Liberia amounted to CHF 23.4 million, mainly vehicles and products of the watch-making industry.



Business language


Dimensions and weights

British and metric system.


National currency Liberian dollar (Lib$) = 100 cents (d).
ISO code: LRD

Customs tariff

Harmonised system.

Import control

Restrictive measures: weapons embargo. Ban on the provision of technical training or help related to armaments.
Provision of technical training or help solely permitted to support the United Nations mission in Liberia.
Ban on the import of raw diamonds. Financial embargo against certain people and facilities and restrictions on travel.
Import licences only required for a small number of goods (e.g. for weapons, munitions, used clothing, pharmaceuticals, plants).
A pre-shipment inspection is carried out for the import of goods from a FOB value of 3.500 USD (more information under Pre-Shipment Inspection). Animals, personal items and samples are exempted from pre-shipment inspections. In the case of LCL shipments, a Destination Inspection is required for the pre-shipment inspection. Responsibility for this lies with the Bivac Office in Monrovia. When importing via land (goods value 1.500 USD) or via air (goods value 1.500 to 3.500 USD), there is a free choice between the two inspection processes “Destination Inspection” and a pre-shipment inspection.
The foreign currency market is largely liberalised.
Standard VAT rate: 7%.

Pre-shipment inspection

An inspection certificate (Clean Report of Findings) must be produced before shipping in the case of values of goods from USD 3.500 FOB. The inspection comprises a check on the quantity and quality, customs value, export market price, correct tariff, restrictions and seal for FCL shipments.

Terms of payment and tenders

Predominantly delivery on provision of an irrevocable letter of credit with a confirmed order to the supplier’s own bank.
It is often assumed that goods for which no payment has yet been made will not be accepted.
Tenders in EUR or USD CIF Monrovia or nearby ports.

Designations of origin

No regulations, but the following is recommended: “Made in …”.
Indication of the country of origin on the commercial invoice.


Standard marking. There are special marking regulations for goods including foods, narcotics, poisonous substances.


Seaworthy. Take the warm, moist climate into consideration otherwise there is a risk of complaints. It is recommended that all packages contain the standard markings and the note “Made in …”.

Product samples

Duty free where there is no retail value

Shipping and accompanying documents


a) Commercial invoices, 4 copies in English, uncertified, with the submission of the following price declaration signed in a legally binding manner: “We hereby certify that we are the exporters of the goods specified in this invoice and that the contents of each package are enumerated in detail herein and that this invoice shows the true price actually paid or to be paid for the goods specified, and all charges separately, thereon”. Commercial invoices must include a full and precise description of the goods in question.

Furthermore, details of the net cost price must be given with no attribution of the FOB costs and the CIF value, in EUR and USD

Statement of cost:

Net Price e … USD …

Other Expenses involved e … USD …

Freight e … USD …

Insurance … USD …

C/F Value … USD …

b) Bills of lading uncertified, order bills of lading are possible if a notify address is given.

c) Certificates of origin are not required.

d) Postal packages up to 20 kg: 1 international dispatch note, 1 customs declaration in English/French.