Logistic and forwarding services in Belize


Capital City

349’700 (2013 est.)

National languages

Belize-Dollar (BZD)

Gross national product (GNP)
USD 1,6 Mrd. (est.)

GNP per person
USD 4’620 (est.)

Financial exports to Switzerland
CHF 9,5 Mio.

Financial imports from Switzerland

Bilateral relations Switzerland–Belize

Although not very intensive, Switzerland has cordial relations with Belize.


Business language


Dimensions and weights

Metric system.


1 Belizean dollar (Bz$) = 100 cents.
ISO code: BZD

Customs tariff

Harmonised system.

Import control

Most goods can be imported from Germany within the scope of the “Open General Licence” (OGL). Individual import licences have to be applied for in the case of a small number of goods on a negative list (generally valid for 3 months).
Recommendation: check which group the goods are allocated too before shipping the goods.
In the case of OGL goods, the currency will only be assigned for payment and transferred by the banks on provision of the shipping documents. Applications must be made accordingly in the case of individual authorisations. The import of psychotropic substances (amphetamines, dexamphetamines and the like) is prohibited.
Standard VAT rate: 12.5%.

Terms of payment and tenders

Irrevocable, confirmed letter of credit. Tenders in English; invoices in USD.

Designations of origin

There are no special labelling obligations; standard markings are sufficient.


Markings in English. The importer/customs agents (both with the addresses) must be given on all packages. Only note numbers/marks on the packages which correspond to the shipping papers. There are special labelling regulations for certain goods. The Belize Bureau of Standards – BBS is responsible for the labelling regulations.


No restrictive provisions are known.

Product samples

Samples with no retail value are permitted duty free; otherwise commercial samples of a value of less than 1 Bz$ are permitted duty free. Exceptions to this are spirits, wine, tobacco and perfume.

Shipping and accompanying documents

a) Commercial invoices, 2 copies in English; where possible use the CARICOM invoice template. Standard information and an indication of the freight costs, packaging costs, insurance fees, discounts and country of origin.

b) Certificates of origin are not required.

c) Movement certificate EUR.1 or UE for goods which come under the CARIFORUM (international consignment note) regulation on origin.

d) Bills of lading uncertified; order bills of lading with a notify address possible.

e) Postal shipments: maximum weight 20 kg, 1 international dispatch note, 1 customs declaration (English).