Logistic and forwarding services in Paraguay


Capital City

7,01 Mio.

National languages
Spanish and Guaraní

Guarani (PYG)

Gross national product (GNP)
USD 30,70 Mrd.

GNP per person
USD 4’382

Financial exports to Switzerland
CHF 23 Mio.

Financial imports from Switzerland
CHF14,29 Mio.

Bilateral relations Switzerland–Paraguay

Switzerland and Paraguay enjoy good but relatively modest relations.

Economic cooperation

Trade between Switzerland and Paraguay is modest but on the increase. In 2015, Swiss exports amounted to CHF 22,5 million, while the value of goods imported from Paraguay – primarily agricultural products, precious stones and metals and essential oils – totalled CHF 14,2 million. Swiss direct investments in Paraguay are also relatively low.


Business language



Dimensions and weights

Metric system.



National currency Guarani (G) = Céntimos (cts).

ISO code: PYG


Customs tariff

Harmonised system. Customs clearance based on the transaction value.


Import control

All importers must be registered in a Registro de Identidad. Registration is on the basis of the Registro Unico de Contribuyente (RUC) – register of taxpayers.

The import declaration does not require any involvement by the Central Bank. There is a ban on the import of a range of goods, primarily goods which can be manufactured in the country itself.

All import transactions based on letters of credit or collection must be approved by the foreign currency department of the commercial bank.

Unrestricted cover options for short-term transactions with credit terms of up to 12 months.

Standard VAT rate: 10%


Terms of payment and tenders

Letters of credit, documents against payment for solvent importers.

Deliveries to state agencies, particularly the military or the police, only against letters of credit or payment in advance. Tenders in EUR or USD with the FOB or CIF price.

Invoices in USD or also EUR are possible. Tenders in Spanish.


Designations of origin

No special regulations have been passed.



Indication of the gross and net weight and the following addition to the address: “Via Buenos Aires (or Montevideo) en tránsito para el Paraguay”. Provide the details of the Paraguayan importer on the outside of packages.



Seaworthy packaging, stable boxes, not too heavy.

ISPM no. 15 applicable.


Product samples

Commercial invoices must be issued for samples, even if they are labelled as “muestras sin valor” as required and made such that they have no retail value. These must have a Valor nominal … (FOB exporter’s port) and a full CIF calculation.

The legalisation of the invoice and the other documents is carried out as for normal export shipments.

In Paraguay exemption from customs duties can be applied for under certain circumstances. It is important that all sample shipments are not only packaged separately, they may also not appear on invoices together with normal commercial goods. All documents must be issued separately for samples with a nominal value of USD 100 CIF or more, in other words certificates of origin and bills of lading in addition to the commercial invoices.


Shipping and accompanying documents

Imports to Paraguay must be legalised in the country of export. The General Consulate of Paraguay in Hamburg is responsible for all documents to be legalised. The documents must be submitted within 14 working days of shipping of the goods. The consulate legalises goods. A stamped, addressed envelope must be enclosed for the return.

Standard and:

a) Commercial invoices, 5 copies in English (USD 100 CIF and over: commercial invoices in Spanish, initially certified by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce and then the Embassy of Paraguay; under USD 100 CIF consular legalisation of the commercial invoices is not required. Certification by the Chamber of Commerce is recommended, however, with the declaration “Certificamos que los precios consignados en esta factura son los normales de exportación”.

b) Bills of lading, 2 copies, in Spanish, certification by the general consulate of the port of shipment required. Order bills of lading are permissible if a notify address is indicated.

c) Certificates of origin (3 copies) are required for all shipments of a value of USD 100 CIF or more in Spanish. Once they have been issued by the competent chamber of commerce, the certificates of origin are to be submitted to the Embassy of Paraguay for legalisation. The person making the submission retains the original. The copies remain at the embassy. As the origin, indicate “Swiss” in the case of Swiss goods, or “European Union” for goods originating from UE.

d) For postal items up to 20 kg: 1 international dispatch note, 3 customs declaration in Spanish/French.