Logistic and forwarding services in Suriname


Capital City

553’000 (est.)

National languages
English, Dutch.

Suriname-Dollar (SRD)

Gross national product (GNP)
USD 5 Mrd. (est.)

GNP per person
USD 9’539 (est.)

Financial exports to Switzerland
CHF 1.3 Mio.

Financial imports from Switzerland
CHF 0.53 Mio.

Bilateral relations Switzerland–Suriname

Relations between Switzerland and Suriname are good, but not intensive.


Business language

English, Dutch.

Dimensions and weights

Metric system.


1 Suriname Dollar = 100 Cents.

ISO code: SRD

Customs tariff

Harmonised system, customs clearance based on the transaction value.

Import control

Pre-shipment inspections required for all goods (with a few exceptions). Any case, the importer must submit an application for an inspection to the inspection company. In general, goods on the FAO negative list (chemicals, pesticides), vehicle (consular invoices) Z (more than 8 years old) and hazardous waste are subject to a ban on import. Animals and animal products, eggs, hides, medications, pesticides, motorcycles and used tyres are subject to an import licence or registration.

Foreign currency is allocated by the Bank or Suriname.

Sales tax: 8% on services, 10% on goods.

Terms of payment and tenders

Irrevocable, confirmed letter of credit. Other forms of payment are possible if the customer is known well. Tenders in EUR or USD based on CIF Suriname.

Suspension of Hermes cover lifted.

Designations of origin

“Made in …”, otherwise no special regulations.


Standard marking with an indication of the country of origin.

Labelling should be in Dutch. There are special labelling regulations for certain groups of goods (ask the Chamber of Industry and Commerce).


Seaworthy packaging for transport by ship; take the high humidity and temperatures into account.

Product samples

Samples with no value are permitted duty free.

Shipping and accompanying documents

a) Commercial invoices, 3 copies in English or Dutch, uncertified, signed.

b) Certificates of origin only on request.

c) Movement certificate EUR. 1 or evidence of preferential origin on the invoice or another commercial document are only required at the importer’s request. However, they are only issued if Suriname grants customs preference to EU originating products. For shipments of a value of more than EUR 6.000 EUR 1 (1 copy). The movement certificate is issued by the customs office: for shipments of a value of up to EUR 6.000: the following declaration must be made by the exporter (as evidence of the preferential origin) on the invoice or in another commercial document. “The exporter of the goods to which this commercial document refers states that these goods, unless otherwise indicated, are … preferential goods”. Plate and date, signature of the exporter and name of the signatory in block capitals (originating products from Ceuta and Melilla are to be clearly labelled with the abbreviation “CM”).

d) Bills of lading uncertified; order bills of lading are possible on indication of a notify address.

e) Postal shipments maximum weight 20 kg, 1 international dispatch note, 2 customs declarations (English, Dutch or German).