Logistic and forwarding services in Bangladesh


Capital City

156,6 mio.

National languages
Bengali, English (trade and education language), others

Taka (BDT)

Gross national product (GNP)
USD 149,99 Mrd.

GNP per person
USD 958

Financial exports to Switzerland
CHF 129,70 Mio.

Financial imports from Switzerland
CHF 328,54 Mio.

Bilateral relations Switzerland–Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of the priority countries for Switzerland’s development cooperation. Switzerland is working actively in the fields of poverty reduction, local governance, climate change and disaster prevention and management.

Economic cooperation

Economic contacts have become more intense since the mid-1990s. Various economic agreements have given impetus to this development. The boom in the textiles and chemicals sectors is making Bangladesh attractive for Swiss investments.


Business language


Dimensions and weights

Metric system.


National currency Taka = 100 poisha.
ISO code: BDT

Customs tariff

Harmonised system.

Import control

All importers have to have an import certificate issued by the Ministry of Commerce.
A letter of credit must be issued for each import.
The import of goods is broadly liberalised. There are still authorisation obligations for animals and plants, fertilisers and pesticides, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas products, communication devices, weapons and munition and explosives.
There are bans on the import of, among other things, certain animals, used machines, sodium cyclamate (ask the Chamber of Industry and Commerce).
Standard VAT rate: 15%.

Terms of payment and tenders

Foreign currencies are not subject to any restrictions.
There is a requirement to declare currency if the value exceeds the equivalent of 5,000 USD.
Deliveries only against irrevocable letters of credit to the bank processing the transaction on confirmation of the order.
Tenders in English.

Pre-shipment inspection

A voluntary pre-shipment inspection is possible to simplify customs clearance. The quality and quantity, customs value, tariff and price of the imported goods are checked. The commercial invoice, packing list and transport documents are required for an inspection certificate to be issued.

Designations of origin

Goods originating from outside of Bangladesh with any designations which may cause the conclusion to be drawn that the goods originate in Bangladesh must be labelled with the country of origin (“Made in …”). Certain textiles must be marked.
Ask the Chamber of Industry and Commerce.


The marking regulations require information about the importer, the address and the tax number to appear on the largest package (2% of the area of the container) with insoluble paint for commercial imports.
Special labelling and packaging regulations apply for textiles, dairy products, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, cigarettes, toys and cosmetics. Agree these with the importer.


Seaworthy packaging. Signing the boxes with “Made in …” are recommended. Moderate weight of the boxes. The packaging must product the goods from moisture, heat and insects, so use boxes with sheet zinc or tin.

Product samples

Samples with no value are generally duty free up to a CFR (cost and freight) value of 75,000 Taka. They must be clearly recognisable as samples. Samples with a value from 500 Taka are subject to an import authorisation obligation. Ask the importer.

Shipping and accompanying documents

Standard and

a) Commercial invoices, 6 copies, in English with the fob and CIF value, the country of origin and the import licence number.

b) Certificates of origin: indicate the country of origin in the case of Swiss goods “Swiss” or “European Union” for goods originating from UE.

c) Bills of lading uncertified, but a notify address is required.

d) For postal items up to 20 kg: 1 APC and 1 customs declaration in English.

e) A radioactivity certificate is required for foods such as milk powder, rice, wheat, meat etc. Certificates are issued by the regional authorities; ask the Chamber of Industry and Commerce. The certificates must have been provided to the Ministry of Commerce before the goods arrived.

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