Logistic and forwarding services in Nepal


Capital City

27,47 Mio.

National languages

Nepalese Rupee (NR)

Gross national product (GNP)
USD 19,29 Mrd.

GNP per person
USD 694

Financial exports to Switzerland
CHF 24,40 Mio.

Financial imports from Switzerland
CHF 8,48 Mio.

Bilateral relations Switzerland–Nepal

Switzerland is well positioned in Nepal and enjoys high standing there. Relations with Nepal have traditionally focused on development. Thanks to its long-term work in Nepal, Swiss development cooperation offers technical advice and aid in implementing development programmes.

Economic cooperation

Economic and trade relations between Switzerland and Nepal are not very intensive, and direct Swiss investments in Nepal are minimal.
In 2011 Swiss companies exported goods worth CHF 14.9 million to Nepal, primarily timepieces, vehicles, pharmaceutical products and machinery. Swiss imports from Nepal in 2011 totalled CHF 4.6 million, mainly textiles and clothing.


Business language



Dimensions and weights

Metric system.



1 Nepalese Rupee (NR) = 100 Paisa (P)

ISO code: NPR


Customs tariff

Harmonised system.


Import control

With a few exceptions, imports are not subject to a licence obligation. There is a ban on the import of goods including arms. Procedure in accordance with the Open General Licence System. The legal basis for this is the Export & Import Regulations.

Importers are generally entitled to obtain foreign currencies.

Standard VAT rate: 13%


Terms of payment and tenders

Predominantly irrevocable, confirmed letter of credit. Invoices in EUR. Tenders in English.


Designations of origin and packaging

Based on the regulations for India. Comply with the special regulations for food and medicinal products (ask the Chamber of Industry and Commerce or freight forwarder).


Product samples

Customs duties must be paid. However, each natural person can import goods duty free and without a licence up to a value of 300 NPR per year.


Shipping and accompanying documents

a) Postal shipments: maximum weight 20 kg, 1 international dispatch note, 1 customs declaration (English).

b) Commercial invoices, 3 copies in English. It is advisable to include the following declaration at the end: “We certify this invoice to be true and correct” (signed)

c) Certificates of origin required; legalisation on request.

d) Detailed packing list required