Logistic and forwarding services in Belgium


Capital City

11.2 Mio

National languages
flemish, french, german

Euro (EUR)

Gross national product (GNP)
USD 535 bn

GNP per person
USD 47’722

Financial exports to Switzerland
CHF 5852 Mio.

Financial imports from Switzerland
CHF 4573 Mio.

Bilateral relations Switzerland–Belgium

Switzerland and Belgium have several aspects in common: they are both multilingual countries, have two common national languages, a federal constitution and similarly sized populations and territories.  They are home to several international institutions. The two countries maintain thriving diplomatic, economic and cultural exchanges.  Switzerland is the eighth-largest foreign investor in Belgium; it has a good image in Belgium and is a popular holiday destination.

Economic cooperation

Switzerland and Belgium maintain dynamic economic relations. The total trade volume, i.e. total exports and imports of the two countries, amounts to some CHF 10.2 billion. The principal categories of traded goods are pharmaceuticals, machinery, appliances, precious metals and stones, aircraft, vehicles and fuels.
Swiss companies established in Belgium are primarily active in the food and other industries, cement and pharmaceuticals sectors, watch-making, logistics, finance and insurance. The Swiss Chamber of Commerce in Belgium has 200 members. In addition, Switzerland is a popular destination for Belgian tourists. The port of Antwerp, the second-largest in Europe after Rotterdam, is a major centre for trade and the shipment of goods to Switzerland.


Business language

French, Dutch, in the Flemish provinces German is also spoken.

Dimensions and weights

Metric system.


National currency: €
ISO code: EUR

Customs tariff (for non-EU goods)

Harmonised system based on the transaction value.

Import control

EU goods are freely available.
Licences for goods which require licences and are on the negative list are to be submitted to the licence office.
Responsible for import licences: Office Central des Contingents et Licences, Rue J.A. De Motstraat 24-26, B-1-1040 Brussels; licence-free goods can be imported without formalities up to a value of  EUR 2,500. From EUR 2,500 simple declarations are required for statistical purposes.
Standard VAT rate 21% (reduced rate: 12/6%).
Reimbursement of VAT paid is possible.

Terms of payment and tenders

Depending on the creditworthiness of the buyer: payment at destination identical to domestic transactions, cash on delivery also possible.

Designations of origin

If goods give the impression that they are of Belgian origin they must be marked to indicate their foreign origin.


The EU Directive sets out that packaging materials made of wood must be manufactured from round logs. This EU regulation goes beyond the necessary treatment set out in the ISPM 15 standard.

Product samples

Duty free where there is no retail value, the sending of goods which are subject to customs duties as samples is not permitted.