Logistic and forwarding services in Czech Republic

Czech Republic

Capital City

10,7 Mio.

National languages

Czech Krone

Gross national product (GNP)
USD 206 Mrd.

GNP per person
USD 19’563

Financial exports to Switzerland
CHF 1,5 Mrd

Financial imports from Switzerland
CHF 2,3 Mrd

Bilateral relations between Switzerland and the Czech Republic

Switzerland and the Czech Republic foster close political and economic relations, as well as a lively cultural exchange. Around 13’000 Czechoslovak refugees came to Switzerland following the Prague Spring of 1968.

Economic cooperation

The Czech Republic is one of Switzerland’s major trading partners among the new EU member states, and is also a key country for Swiss investors in Central Europe. Trade volumes in 2014 came to around CHF 3.7 billion.


Business language

Czech, German, English


Dimensions and weights

Metric system.



National currency Czech Krone (Kcˇ ) = 100 Haleru (h)

The Krone has been convertible since 01/10/1995.

ISO code: CZK


Customs tariff

Harmonised system, customs clearance based on the transaction value.


Import control

EU goods are freely available. Signed invoices with all standard information are required for customs clearance for non-EU goods.

Medicinal products are subject to registration.

Goods for which licences are required are listed in a list published by the Ministry of Trade and Industry. The import of goods containing CFCs is prohibited. The import of waste is prohibited or subject to strict requirements (Waste Act No. 185/2001). Foreign currencies must be declared on import and export from EUR 10.000.

Standard VAT rate: 21% (reduced rate: 10/15%). Reimbursement of VAT paid is possible.


Terms of payment and tenders

Irrevocable letter of credit, payment in advance or even documents against payment for companies with relatively high levels of capital.

Payment terms (with a Hermes guarantee) are also possible for investment transactions. Invoices in EUR.



Designations of origin on goods with markings on the packaging are not required. Where applicable ask the recipient. Instructions for use and guarantee declarations must be in Czech. Standard regulations must be complied with for certain goods.

Prohibition on misleading customers.



The EU Directive sets out that packaging materials made of wood must be manufactured from round logs. This EU regulation goes beyond the necessary treatment set out in the ISPM 15 standard.


Product samples

Those without a retail value and samples of a low value are duty free.