Logistic and forwarding services in Ireland


Capital City

4,8 Mio.

National languages
Irish, English

Euro (EUR)

Gross national product (GNP)
USD 232 Mia.

GNP per person
USD 48’608

Financial exports to Switzerland
CHF 1’175 Mio.

Financial imports from Switzerland
7’198 Mio

Relations bilatérales Switzerland-Ireland

Les relations bilatérales entre la Suisse et l’Ouganda sont peu intenses. L’Ouganda n’est pas un pays prioritaire de la coopération suisse au développement et les échanges économiques et culturels sont modestes.

Economic cooperation

The effects of the financial crisis continue to be felt in Ireland. But the Irish economy is recovering steadily. Ireland was the fastest growing EU economy in 2014. Switzerland has long run a high trade deficit with Ireland.

Foreign direct investment in Ireland is continuing to grow. The financial intermediation sector and the pharmaceutical industry account for most of the direct investment. As at the end of 2014, Swiss direct investments in Ireland stood at CHF 29.2 billion.


Business language


Dimensions and weights

Metric system.


National currency: €
British currency is also legal tender in Ireland.
ISO code: EUR

Customs tariff (for non-EU goods)

Harmonised system. Customs clearance based on the transaction value.

Import control

EU goods are freely available. Non-EU goods must be declared with their original invoice with all standard information in English with a declaration of origin and a signature. Special regulations on providing evidence of freight and insurance costs must be taken into account.
Import is possible for various goods from OECD countries (non-EU countries) without an authorisation (91 liberalised import), for the remainder of goods it is possible with a currency licence or global quota, although these do not present serious obstacles to the import of goods. Licences are valid for between 1 month and 1 year; extensions are possible. For global quotas licences are only issued to authorised importers. Goods for which a licence is required must be handled by customs during the period of validity of the licence. Ask the CIC for a list of goods for which import is restricted (negative list). Unrestricted quantities of domestic or foreign currency can be imported; a reporting obligation (from EUR 10.000) must be complied with.
Standard VAT rate: 23% (reduced rate: 13,5/9/4,8%).

Terms of payment and tenders

Documents against payment (D/P) is usual, in the case of unknown importers payment in advance or irrevocable letter of credit on confirmation of the order. Invoicing in EUR or GBP. Pricing on the basis of Irish ports. Information about credit recommended at first contact.

Designations of origin

This is only compulsory if goods have Irish designations (name of a company established in Ireland or indication of an Irish location).
Ceramic goods, shoes, knitted and crocheted clothing, carpets, biscuits, hosiery, aluminium crockery, electric kettles, furniture and certain wooden products always have to be marked. Labelling regulations for imported jewellery with Irish motifs.


No special provisions for the lettering on boxes. Hay, straw and peat litter are prohibited for packaging.
The EU Directive sets out that packaging materials made of wood must be manufactured from round logs. This EU regulation goes beyond the necessary treatment set out in the ISPM 15 standard.

Product samples

Sales samples for which no charge is made with no retail value = duty free, where there is a retail value subject to duty.

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