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We offer the right solution for any kind of delivery throughout Switzerland and we are able to guarantee you rapidity and flexibility thanks to our experience. If your objective is having a capillary distribution service, which is safe and reliable, then your road leads to Franzosini. With a network of selected correspondents and partners, according to the strict standards of ISO certification, our company ensures its clientele daily connections all over Switzerland. All types of goods are picked up and delivered all over the national territory in 24 hours (excluding mountainous areas), from the small fashion accessory to heavy loads of raw materials. A fax, e-mail or even a phone call are sufficient; if the order is sent during the early hours of the morning we can manage your pick up during the day, both in Ticino and the rest of Switzerland.

Our range includes mandatory terms of pickup and delivery, shipment with pick up at premises, telephone notifications and cash on delivery, we also handle ADR goods, the European agreement concerning the carriage of dangerous goods by road, and we carry out controlled temperature transportation; other services can be planned directly with the customer. We are particularly thorough with packaging, we prepare your goods using both cardboard boxes and crates and we dispose of the protective material once delivery is completed.



The new laws and provisions on the matter of road tunnels as foreseen by the ADR (limitation of passage in tunnels for vehicles carrying dangerous goods), which came into force on 1st of January 2010, require new alternative solutions for the transport of dangerous goods. Crossing the Alps is thereby subordinate to the combined road-rail service. Through to the newly introduced service, Franzosini is able to offer its customer daily departures to both German and French side of Switzerland, in full observance of the regulations in force.

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Franzosini Italia SRL can handle your shipments, both partial or less than truck load (LTL), throughout the Italian territory with our own transport or through our extensive network of selected correspondents and partners. Thanks to this efficient and widespread domestic network, we can guarantee daily departures with specific transit times to any location in Italy.

Our flexibility allows us to always meet any need, offering tailor-made solutions to ship your goods in all of Italy.

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