A Successful Transport Logistics Company

Since 1929

Founded in 1929, Franzosini is an icon in the transportation and logistics industry, with a solid reputation built through excellence and attention to customer needs. With offices in Switzerland, Italy, France, Monaco and the United Kingdom, we offer international transportation services by road, rail, air and sea. Our growth is guided by core values such as excellence, integrity and dedication to customer service. Committed to sustainability, we are ISO 14001 certified for environmental policies and ISO 9001 certified for business and service management. We are part of Tepoorten Group SA, an international holding company with several companies in logistics, transportation, logistics real estate and digitization.

What We Do

Franzosini offers customized logistics solutions and international transportation services by road, rail, air and sea for a wide range of commodity sectors. We manage the entire logistics chain, including customs operations and inventory management, ensuring efficiency and reliability. With a team of experienced professionals, we adapt to the needs of clients of all sizes, from large industrial groups to small and medium-sized enterprises. Sustainability and excellence are at the core of our business, and we are committed to maintaining Swiss quality as a common thread in all our operations.

The Quality

Quality is at the heart of everything we do at Franzosini. We provide state-of-the-art logistics solutions and transportation services, keeping quality as our guiding thread. We are ISO 9001 certified, demonstrating our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. We invest in training our staff and improving internal processes to ensure that our services are efficient, reliable and compliant with regulations. Our attention to detail, innovation and respect for the customer are values that guide our company to new goals and successes.

The Environment

At Franzosini, the environment and sustainability play a key role in our approach to transportation and logistics services. We are ISO 14001 certified, demonstrating our commitment to minimizing the ecological impact of our operations. We choose environmentally friendly means of transportation and promote sustainable practices throughout the entire supply chain. Our concern for the environment is an integral part of our vision of excellence and responsibility, and we continue to seek new ways to improve sustainability and reduce the environmental impact of our work.


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Our transportation and logistics services

Our company is proud to offer a wide range of logistics solutions to meet your transportation and shipping needs. Learn about our sea, road and air transportation, warehousing, distribution and customs operations services to ensure that your goods arrive at their destination quickly, safely and efficiently.


Rely on us to transport your goods by sea. With our global network of partners and industry experience, we are able to ensure timely and reliable deliveries.

full load transportation


Choose our road transport solution for flexible and customized delivery. With a modern vehicle fleet and a network of experienced haulers, we are ready to serve you throughout Europe.

air freight


For urgent or high-value shipments, rely on our air freight service. We work with major airlines to ensure fast and safe service, and can handle worldwide shipments, offering the highest quality and safety.

warehouse logistics


Our warehousing service provides you with flexible and secure spaces to manage your inventory. With our strategic logistics centers, we can facilitate storage and distribution operations.

national transportation


We guarantee efficient distribution of your goods, thanks to our extensive network and local knowledge. We can cover both urban and rural areas, offering solutions tailored to your needs

customs operations


With our team of customs experts, we can handle the paperwork and customs formalities on your behalf, ensuring the smooth passage of your goods across international borders.


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Your industries, tailored logistics efficiency

Our company specializes in offering customized logistics solutions to meet the specific needs of different commodity sectors. Learn about our transportation and logistics services dedicated to food, automotive, chemical, industrial, fashion and textile, pharmaceutical and artwork to ensure your goods are handled and transported in the most suitable and safe way.


We offer efficient logistics solutions for the automotive industry, with a focus on the transportation of vehicle parts, components and accessories.

full load transportation


Rely on us for safe and compliant transportation of chemicals to manage to handle the transportation of chemicals and raw materials responsibly and efficiently.

air freight


We offer transportation and logistics services for the industrial sector, handling the transportation of machinery, equipment and heavy materials with expertise and safety

warehouse logistics


We are experts in handling shipments in the fashion and textile industry, ensuring fast and safe delivery for collections and garments

national transportation


We provide logistics solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, with a focus on the management and transportation of drugs, medical devices and health care products.

customs operations


We ensure the utmost care and protection in the transportation of works of art and valuables, with customized solutions to ensure their integrity and safety.