The company: history


Founded in Chiasso in 1929 as the Swiss branch of an Italian forwarding house established in 1845, Franzosini became independent from its parent company in the immediate postwar period in order to independently develop its international transportation services in Switzerland and abroad. Today Franzosini ranks among the top international transport companies in Ticino and in the top 50 in Switzerland (GS1 study by the University of St. Gallen) in terms of traffic volume and in a leading position in terms of the organization, methods, tools and means of work employed. Offering international transportation for any type of goods ranges across the board, whether by road, rail, air or sea, through a dense network of established correspondents on all continents… (The History of Franzosini)

Financial information


Information is the essential factor in our economy. Knowing who our customers and suppliers are and knowing their payment morality, creditworthiness, and economic situation are important decision-making factors in a globalized economy. The D&B Rating Certificate is the quality certificate for the economy and stands for reliability and stability. Currently only 2 percent of Swiss companies meet the requirements for D&B’s Rating Certificate. The award of the certificate for Franzosini confirms that we are a reliable and interesting business partner with a stable economic situation and excellent payment morale. This testifies to our ability to fulfill business obligations to customers and suppliers… (financial information)


Technology in transportation


Information technology is increasingly instrumental in a company’s strategies, and the use of computerized systems has long taken center stage. Franzosini has a specific department that processes internal needs and finds solutions to adapt to continuous regulatory updates and customer demands. Supported by trained IT technicians who are constantly updated on major technological innovations, we can look at the continuous IT and customs innovations with serenity and the right spirit, to be able to face technological evolution as a challenge, an opportunity for improvement and not as a mere obstacle… (technology in transportation)

Franzosini Solutions the magazine


Franzosini Solutions Focus Magazine, the magazine that offers an informative newsletter: dealing in depth with some issues affecting international shipping, providing tools aimed at simplifying and directing the reader to the correct operating methods to keep in the daily practices of work. Of course, the news briefing Franzosini Solutions of a few pages cannot pretend to cover the topics in a completely comprehensive manner or instruct readers in a complete manner, but we trust that it can be a good aid for dealing with daily issues with the proper awareness of what one is doing… (Franzosini Solutions magazine)