Transportation insurance

Get peace of mind while transporting your goods internationally with the customized insurance solutions offered by our company. With our wide range of coverage, from CMR to “All-Risks” insurance as well as the exclusive “Franzosini Cargo Insurance,” we meet every need while protecting your assets in the best possible way. Rely on the experience and expertise of our team of experts for advantageous policies and high-quality customer support. Choose our company and focus on your business, leaving the care of the security of your shipments to us.

Transportation insurance:
Protect your goods customized insurance solutions


Ensuring the security of goods during international transportation is crucial to successful business operations. To ensure that your assets are adequately protected, our company offers a range of tailor-made insurance solutions, including Carrier’s Liability (RC) linked to CMR conditions, “All-Risks” coverage and our exclusive “Franzosini Cargo Insurance.” With the experience and expertise of our insurance experts, we can guide you in choosing the best solution for your needs and offer you beneficial and affordable policies. Our mission is to provide you with high-quality services to protect your interests and enable you to focus on the core activities of your business with peace of mind and confidence.

Vector Liability (RC) and CMR conditions.

Carrier Liability (CPL) is compulsory insurance for carriers performing transportation for hire or reward. This coverage is linked to the CMR terms (Convention relative au contrat de transport international de marchandises par route), an international agreement that establishes rules for the transportation of goods by road between different countries. Carrier liability provides compensation in the event of damage to goods during transportation, based on Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) multiplied by the gross weight of the shipment. SDRs are units of account used by international organizations such as the International Monetary Fund and are based on a basket of foreign currencies and the gold price. However, vector liability has some limitations in coverage. For example, the protection offered may be insufficient for high-value goods or for transport involving particular means or destinations. Moreover, carrier liability covers only damage caused by the carrier’s liability, thus excluding events such as theft, robbery, or accidental damage that is not directly dependent on the carrier’s own actions. Despite these limitations, carrier liability is a basic insurance solution that protects the goods transported and allows customers to have a minimum of security during international transportation.

Coverage against all risks “All-Risks”

“All-Risks” coverage is a comprehensive, tailored insurance that covers virtually all risks that may occur while transporting goods. Unlike Carrier Liability, “All-Risks” coverage does not simply pay damages based on the gross weight of the shipment, but offers protection on the actual value of the goods transported. This type of insurance covers a wide range of events, including theft, robbery, accidental damage, fire, natural disasters and many other specific risks. “All-Risks” coverage can be customized according to the type of goods, the means of transport used, and the final destination, ensuring optimal protection for each shipment.

The “Franzosini Cargo Insurance”

“Franzosini Cargo Insurance” is an exclusive insurance option that combines the best aspects of carrier and “All-Risks” liability coverage, offering a balanced and customized solution. This intermediate policy provides coverage tailored to the customer’s specific needs, with flexible terms and conditions to suit different types of goods, means of transport and destinations. “Franzosini Cargo Insurance” provides compensation based on both the gross weight of the shipment and the actual value of the goods, offering broader protection than carrier liability while maintaining a lower insurance premium than “All-Risks” coverage. In addition, this insurance solution covers a wider range of events than carrier liability, while excluding some specific risks covered by “All-Risks” coverage, making it an ideal option for clients who want customized protection at an affordable cost.

Why choose our company for your insurance:

  • Experience and expertise: Our company has a team of insurance experts with years of experience in the international transportation industry. In-depth knowledge of industry regulations and practices enables us to offer appropriate insurance solutions tailored to each client.

  • Wide range of solutions: We offer a wide range of insurance solutions, including Carrier’s Liability (RC), “All-Risks” coverage, and our exclusive “Franzosini Cargo Insurance.” This diversity enables us to meet the specific needs of each client and protect your assets effectively and efficiently.

  • Customized policies: Our company can develop customized insurance policies, tailoring the terms and conditions to your specific needs and offering optimal protection for your goods during international transportation.

  • Value for money: Thanks to our experience and strong relationships with insurance companies, we are able to offer advantageous and affordable insurance policies without compromising the quality of service and protection of your assets.

  • Service and support: Our company is committed to providing high-quality customer service, supporting you at every stage of the insurance process. We are available to answer questions, provide advice and assist you in handling and resolving any claims.

By choosing our company for your transportation insurance, you will benefit from reliable and tailored insurance solutions that will allow you to focus on the core activities of your business with peace of mind and confidence.



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Discover the benefits of our transportation insurance services: protect your goods with customized coverages suited to every need and rely on the expertise of our team of specialists for targeted and strategic advice. Deal with any unforeseen contingencies with the support of our experts in claims handling and resolution, and save time with our fast and efficient procedures for taking out insurance policies. Finally, experience top-notch customer service, always ready to answer your questions and provide assistance. Rely on us for complete protection of your shipments and focus on the success of your business.