Food Sector

Our company offers specialized transportation and logistics solutions for high quality food products, such as wine, beer, chocolate, oils and spices. We are able to meet the needs of manufacturers and distributors of fine food products worldwide, offering customized and flexible services. With us, your goods will always be handled with the utmost care and attention. Contact us today to learn more about our transportation and logistics solutions.


Transportation and logistics for the food industry:
customized solutions for packaged food goods


Wine is a valuable product that takes time and passion to produce. From the careful care of the vineyards, to harvesting, fermentation, and bottle aging, every step of the process requires attention and dedication. Similarly, there are many other packaged culinary products that require time and care in production, from artisanal cookie making to traditional sauces, condiments, and preserves.

For the producers of these products, care and attention to quality are paramount, but transporting these delicate products also requires the same passion and attention. Franzosini SA offers customized transportation and logistics solutions for the food sector, with a focus on preserving the quality and freshness of products during transport.

We offer transportation and logistics services for a wide range of packaged food products, including alcoholic beverages, canned goods, baked goods, sauces, condiments, and canned goods. Our focus on preserving product quality extends to all stages of the transportation and logistics process, from booking to delivery.

We can handle domestic and international shipments, offering customized solutions for every transportation and logistics need. We are committed to ensuring maximum customer satisfaction by providing personalized, reliable and timely transportation and logistics service.

Our highly qualified team has extensive experience in the food industry and knows the specific needs of our clients, while ensuring the high quality of our services. We also offer temperature monitoring services to ensure optimal preservation of food products during transport and delivery.

Our passion for the quality and care required to produce masterpieces like wine drives us to offer transportation and logistics solutions that reflect these same attentions and dedications. We are proud to offer these services throughout Europe, for products such as Italian wine, Belgian beer, English cookies, Swiss chocolate, and French preserves. We are committed to the highest quality of our services and to ensuring that products arrive at their destination in perfect condition.

Fine and delicate food products

The food sector is rich in fine products, such as Italian wine, Belgian beer, English cookies, Swiss chocolate, French preserves, Italian sauces and condiments, balsamic vinegar from the Italian region of Modena, Italian olive oil, spices from India and Morocco, and many others. All these products require special care and attention during transport to preserve their quality and freshness. To get a personalized, detailed quote for transporting your fine food products, request a quote now by filling out our online form!