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In the complex landscape of international trade, relying on experts in the field of customs operations is critical to business success. Franzosini offers high-level customs advice, providing a team of qualified professionals to guide you through the maze of procedures, avoiding costly mistakes and ensuring regulatory compliance. For years, our clients have valued Franzosini’s reliability, professionalism and experience, ensuring impeccable service and unparalleled assistance in the customs sector.

Customs counseling:
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In the complex and challenging world of customs operations, reliable and competent advice can make all the difference to the success of your business. Relying on inexperienced people can cause damage to the company due to incorrect customs documentation, incorrect application of the customs tariff, or incorrect calculation of customs duties and taxes. Franzosini provides you with a team of experts ready to guide you through the intricate customs procedures, offering tailored solutions and winning strategies. For years, our clients have placed great trust in Franzosini for his skills, professionalism and experience that guarantee impeccable service and unparalleled assistance in the customs sector.

Our customs consultancy offerings consist of several key services, including:

Needs assessment: We analyze your specific customs needs, investigating the best options for streamlining processes and reducing time and associated costs.

Commodity classification: We assist you in the correct classification of goods, ensuring proper duty charging and compliance with applicable regulations.

Document Management: We check the completeness and correctness of documentation required for customs operations, preventing possible penalties or delays.

Assistance with customs procedures: We guide you step by step through customs formalities, both for imports and exports, ensuring efficient and legally compliant handling.

Tax and currency consulting: We offer focused advice on tax and currency aspects related to customs operations, helping you make informed and strategic decisions.

Training and updating: We provide ongoing training and updates on the latest customs regulations and practices, enabling your team to operate competently and safely.

Rely on Franzosini for top-notch customs advice that will enable you to face the challenges of international trade with confidence and success. Contact us today to find out how we can support your business and ensure a flawless customs experience.



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By relying on Franzosini, you will not only have access to a wide range of customs services, but you will also benefit from customized solutions designed specifically to meet your specific needs, thus ensuring a flawless and optimized experience in customs operations in Switzerland. With years of experience and knowledge of the industry, our team of experts will be able to support you every step of the way with excellent service and ongoing support.