Document Management

FRANZOSINI SA and EZdatacenter SA: a successful partner alliance to offer a high-quality automated document management service addressing customs bills, invoices and business processes in XML and PDF electronic format. A combination appreciated by more than 3,000 customers in Switzerland and beyond.With more than 10 million files under management, EZdatacenter AG is confirmed as an ideal partner for high-level document management.

Document management:
Security and Efficiency with Franzosini SA and Ezdatacenter SA


In the era of digitization, proper document management is critical to ensure regulatory compliance and operational efficiency. FRANZOSINI SA, aware of the importance of this aspect, offers advice on legally compliant document management and relies on partner company Ezdatacenter SA, also part of the Franzosini Group, to provide state-of-the-art document management solutions.

The evolution of customs processes has made it mandatory to digitize tax decisions in XML format. IME import imposition decisions for duty and VAT are generated in electronic format only, and are recognized as evidence of the correct assessment of the information provided and valid for VAT deduction purposes. The electronic tax decision allows you to process, control, evaluate and store customs information directly in your own computer system.

Ezdatacenter facilitates the EMI import and export process and offers solutions for automated EMI processing. With this integration, the collection, checking, filing and searching of customs documents are much faster and more efficient. More than 2,000 customers have chosen Ezdatacenter for automatic processing of customs tax rulings and other documents, both at home and abroad. Ezdatacenter is the best-selling, most popular and cost-effective product in Switzerland and now abroad.

Among the products offered by Ezdatacenter( are solutions such as Evvdatacenter, for customs decisions in Switzerland, and Daudatacenter, for complete customs drawer and customs bill management. Both allow all customs documents to be stored and managed in a secure and compliant manner, automating the process of importing customs decisions. These solutions are GDPR compliant and provide comprehensive support to ensure proper customs document management.

Relying on Franzosini SA and Ezdatacenter SA means choosing experience, professionalism and state-of-the-art solutions for customs document management, ensuring security and efficiency at every stage of the process.

Nearly 3,000 customers rely on EZdatacenter AG for automated management of customs tax decisions and a wide range of documents, such as invoices, customs bills, PDF and XML format, approval business processes and management systems, both at home and abroad. EZdatacenter SA boasts the best-selling, most popular and cost-effective product in the Swiss market and is successfully expanding beyond national borders. With more than 10 million files under management, EZdatacenter SA is confirmed as an ideal partner for high-level document management.



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EZdatacenter offers a full range of document management services, including automation of customs bills and invoices, digitization of business processes, and creation of customized management systems. The company ensures data security and ease of access with solutions for information storage, retrieval and protection. In addition, EZdatacenter provides tools for statistics and analysis, streamlined workflows, automatic archiving, digital signing and stamping, all without the need for installation. With a comprehensive and tailored service proposal, EZdatacenter meets the needs of more than 3,000 customers at home and abroad