Air freight

We offer efficient and reliable air and sea transport solutions to meet every need of our customers. With a wide range of services, from standard transport to specialized transport, we are able to handle shipments all over the world, offering the highest quality and safety.

Air transport:
A transport service for every need


Our air freight service at Franzosini SA is designed to meet the shipping needs of our customers quickly, reliably and flexibly. The globalization of markets requires increasingly efficient and safe air transport solutions, and with our Air Freight service, we offer a wide choice in terms of transit time, costs and cargo capacity.

We are able to guarantee consolidated daily and weekly departures with maximum reliability, thanks to our worldwide network and allocations with the best airlines around the world. In addition, for the most remote or complex destinations, our specialists are able to customize Air Freight services with dedicated departures and solutions, to always guarantee maximum flexibility and respond to the specific needs of each customer.

We offer a wide range of air services, including standard services (door to door – airport to airport), express services (door to door – airport to airport), part or full charter service, and special and oversized transport. In particular, our express air transport services are ideal for urgent shipments, ensuring fast and punctual delivery of goods anywhere in the world.

Our experience in the field of air transport allows us to offer a high quality and reliable service, ensuring maximum customer satisfaction. We can handle every aspect of shipping, from logistics to customs documentation, and offer customized solutions to meet the specific needs of each customer.

With our air freight service, shipping goods becomes a simple and stress-free operation, thanks to our constant attention to the needs of our customers and our passion for high quality service. Trust us for your next air transport and discover the Franzosini difference in the international transport sector.



Our services

We offer a wide range of air freight services, including standard shipping, express shipping, part or full charter service, special and oversized transportation, as well as OBC services for urgent and dedicated shipments. In addition, we offer customized solutions for every need, from transport planning to customs documentation management, always guaranteeing the highest quality and safety for your air shipments.