From 1 March 2018, the electronic assessment decision (EMI) will also be mandatory on importation! Take the decision today to rely on EvvDataCenter of SA Luciano Franzosini.

EVVdatacenter is a product of the Luciano Franzosini SA Group that greatly simplifies the automatic processing of your IMe Import, Export, as well as all the documentation concerning your shipments.

With EVVdatacenter the retrieval, control, archiving, analysis, statistics and research will be much more efficient.


Collect the certificate electronically

With effect from 1 March 2018, duty and VAT decisions will be generated exclusively in electronic format, which will be recognised as proof of the correct assessment of the information provided. In addition, they will be valid for the purposes of VAT deduction. The electronic assessment decision allows you to process, control, evaluate and store customs information related to duty and VAT directly in your computer system.

EVVdatacenter facilitates the import process and above all the automated processing of the EMI (Electronic Assessment Decision, or customs receipt), collection, control, archiving, search for customs documents, are much faster.


Annual reports

With the data of the Bordereaux and the EMIs, the importer has all the information relating to customs clearance and VAT for the Import. For this reason, EVVdatacenter creates a statistic for each customs clearance. We provide the account holder with standard reports for

  • Storage 10 years
  • Unlimited statement archive
  • IME forwarding by e-mail
  • XML files
  • File PDF
  • Delivery slips
  • Bills
  • Statements
  • On-demand statistics

In addition, customer-specific individual reports are possible, such as mapping of its suppliers, extractions of weights and measures, as well as turnover.


Storage for 10 years!

Legal tax documents such as IMes will be available for viewing and downloading for 10 years. But also the other documents that we will make available, such as invoices, signed delivery notes, transport mandates, customs clearance mandates, CMR, bank statements will be kept in our storage for the minimum period required by legislation, as well as in the near future certificates of origin. Franzosini is also able to create ad hoc statistics for its customers to allow targeted business intelligence analysis.



Electronic assessment decision (eQA)

Collect the export certificate electronically

With this online service you can download the electronic assessment decision (eVV) and request your personal username and password.