Over 1000 companies have chosen EVVDATACENTER, a product that greatly simplifies the automatic processing of your IMe Import, Export, as well as all the documentation concerning your shipments. With EVVdatacenter the retrieval, control, archiving, analysis, statistics and research will be much more efficient. Evvdatacenter, the best-selling, appreciated and economical product in Switzerland.


“The Evvdatacenter system is a very functional, intuitive and complete portal as well as being a perfect archive where you can find all the documents. The company has had a considerable saving both in terms of time for the usability of data, and space: paper / electronic archiving is no longer necessary and the various files that can be extracted from the system satisfy every request. We thank you and will continue to work with you.


“We are happy to confirm that we are very satified with your platform. We are able to reduce the processing of EVV documents, which used to take several days, to a single day. Apart from that, since we use your platform, we no longer need to reques declarations copies because they are lost by post or lost during handling. Also, we no longer need to count, each single declaration together with the calculator to check the total amount. Thanks your platform, we do it today with an Excel download. The verification of the total amounts of the Bordereaus takes us a few seconds today.