The cold logistics chain in the pharmaceutical sector is extremely complex: for manufacturers and distributors it is essential to guarantee the highest quality levels in the very delicate phases of transport.

With the Pharma Logistic service Franzosini is able to manage the handling of large quantities of goods with temperature-controlled transport from the manufacturer to the wholesaler, guaranteeing the perfect integrity of the product thanks to the availability of a versatile and modern refrigerated fleet.

The continuous monitoring via GPS of the vehicles and the instruments for controlling the temperature of the fridge constitute a safety for the goods, and Franzosini’s refrigerated semi-trailers are able to effectively manage refrigerated and temperature-controlled transport for every type of pharmaceutical product.

Thanks to its experience, know-how, fleet and equipment dedicated to temperature-controlled transport, Franzosini is able to provide its customers not only with a highly qualified refrigerated transport service but also with specific commercial and operational advice.

In addition, Franzosini’s corporate organizational structure, thanks to the network of consolidated partnerships, allows us to support the specific needs of this particular product sector, with rapid transport times and such as to better protect the product warranty.


All the vehicles used by Franzosini for the Pharma Logistic Service are equipped with GPS satellite control for monitoring the position of the vehicle and are constantly treated for compliance with the strictest criteria of cleanliness and hygiene inside the refrigerated trailers.

The temperature control is guaranteed by cutting-edge technologies that continuously verify the levels during the journey and release at the time of loading and unloading of the goods a print of the initial conditions and those recorded throughout the journey traveled. The temperature and data found can also be checked by remote computers.

Specific alarm systems intervene if the actual temperature tends to deviate from the minimum / maximum tolerable values to keep it constant and consistent with the set levels; Very strict intervention procedures then guarantee the replacement of the vehicle in case of unexpected stops with very short times and in compliance with the temperatures to be kept constant.

To enrich our fleet, in addition to a new refrigerated semi-trailer, 3 new Krone EN 12642XL trailers have also been purchased.