According to EU regulations, the exporter in possession of this qualification can certify the preferential origin of his goods by means of “invoice declaration,” with no value limit. The granting of “status” is conditional on the submission of a written application addressed to the relevant Regional Directorate with reference to the place where the applicant has its administrative headquarters.

In the application the operator should declare: that he makes exports on a regular basis to the countries with which the preferential agreements are in place; indicate the frequency and quantity of exports made in the last year and to which customs (their number is not relevant, but the regular frequency); to be able to prove, at any time, the originating status of the goods (in the case of producers, by means of the company’s raw material accounts; in the case of traders, by means of the proofs of purchase of the products to be marketed attesting to their Community origin); to provide sufficient guarantees as to the originating status of the goods, as well as to submit to any consequent obligations.

At the time the permit is issued, the exporter must also undertake :

-to issue invoice declarations only for goods for which it has the evidence and accounting elements at the time of the transaction;

-to keep any supporting documents of origin for a period of at least three years;

-to submit, at any time, to the customs, any evidence and agree to be inspected at any time.


Posted on

2 June 2014