Swiss exporting enterprises (SMEs) are required to make a compulsory export customs declaration (EDC) for every good shipped across the border. To do this, there are four options:

– Form 11.030. This is a handwritten DDE. It will soon be discontinued and replaced by the online e-dec web application.

– The online e-dec web application. Operating since Jan. 1, 2012, it will permanently replace paper Form 11.030 as of Jan. 1, 2013.

– e-dec export, an online application that allows you to transmit your EDD to the Federal Customs Administration (FCA) electronically. Its main advantage over Form 11.030 is to speed up customs procedures. e-dec export concerns only final exports. Exporters who wish to use it must register with the FCA.

– NCTS Export. The New Computerized Transit System (NCTS) is for goods in transit and aims to simplify exchanges with customs offices.

The goods, in principle, must also be accompanied by an invoice and/or delivery note.


Posted on

2 June 2016