To offer customers an increasingly wide range of services, SA Luciano Franzosini communicates the full operation of the CROSS-BORDER TRANSPORT FOR WASTE service This type of transport cannot be carried out by any shipper or transporter as it requires special financial, technical and safety requirements to ensure environmental protection. By registering in the National Register of Environmental Managers, the Regional Section of Lombardy of 26/06/2013 Prot. N. 51199/2013 and subsequent updates (pursuant to art. 194, paragraph 3, c.s. art. 17 of 205/2010), Franzosini can manage transport for any category of waste in the routes that affect the Italian territory. Compliance with the provisions on transport and the various types of goods, the large fleet of vehicles available and enabled for cross-border transport for waste and the already consolidated provision of international transport allow us to propose a fast, efficient and safe service for this particular sector. Do not hesitate to contact us for advice on your needs, we will be happy to study the most appropriate solution for your case.