Double AEO certification for Franzosini, both in Italy and Switzerland.

At the end of a long certification process, SA Luciano Franzosini has finally obtained the qualification of AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) Full, or with certification for the customs part (Customs) and for security (Security). This certification is in addition to that of AEO Customs already obtained by Franzosini Italia S.r.l. in June 2011 and therefore the entire Franzosini group will benefit from considerable customs and security facilities, all for the benefit of customers.

It is immediately useful to specify that the qualification of AEO was not necessarily required for our company, but the Management of Franzosini has strongly focused attention and resources on obtaining this status, given that our activity focuses on technical customs issues and as we participate in an international supply chain of logistics services. In addition, this qualification allows us and our qualified partners to make a prior choice among the companies that with this status guarantee high levels of security and proven customs capabilities in the entire international logistics chain: in practice, AEO certified companies, generally large ones, prefer to operate with equally AEO certified customs partners.

The operator who intends to obtain the status of AEO must undergo a very rigid and thorough analysis procedure by the customs authorities, through which the company must ensure compliance with customs requirements; it must demonstrate that it uses a system for keeping books and, where appropriate, transport documents which allows appropriate customs security controls to be carried out; must demonstrate and maintain a proven financial solvency; Finally, it must comply with adequate safety standards. AEO-certified operators therefore benefit from particular facilitations in the field of security checks: for example, they have to provide less information in entry and exit summary declarations (in so-called “pre-declarations”) or even enjoy priority treatment of shipments, if selected for customs control and reduction of customs controls.

There are also other indirect advantages, such as the possibility of analysing and optimising internal procedures and control mechanisms thanks to the extensive self-assessment questionnaire; provide quality assurance in international trade and can obtain AEO status in countries with which Switzerland has concluded a respective agreement (mutual recognition). It is possible for our customers to take advantage of the advantages of our AEO qualification because, when exporting goods from Switzerland, AEO certified companies are classified as “low risk” both in Switzerland and in the country of destination (if this country has concluded a special agreement with Switzerland) and therefore they benefit from various advantages and less frequent checks, with a considerable reduction in the time spent on customs procedures. When exporting to third countries, AEO companies have to provide less data and documents in advance.

Furthermore, in the European Union, the AEO status of our correspondent Franzosini Italia S.r.l., gives us a privileged channel in customs controls in Italy in case of documentary control of the customs declaration (CD) and in case of inspection of goods (VM). With the AEO certification, the relationship with the Italian customs authorities is based, in addition to professional competence, also on the relationship of trust that is positively reflected in customs simplifications and in cases of contradictory with the Customs, as the AEO operator is recognized as reliable and financially solid to maintain lasting and secure relationships with the customs administration.

Obtaining the AEO certificate therefore allows us to enjoy a series of benefits for simplification in customs and security matters and allows us to speed up shipping times. All this reflects positively for customers who have fewer bureaucratic problems and benefit from faster times and checks.

The conditions for obtaining and maintaining this certification must comply with certain standards regarding financial soundness, the seriousness of the requesting legal entity, efficiency and proven competence in the management of goods under customs constraint.

For Franzosini this translates into an important recognition and a great competitive advantage: thanks to the AEO certification, in fact, the entire Franzosini group is considered by the Customs Authorities as a reliable and safe partner in the entire logistics chain, offering and guaranteeing high quality services and managing the Supply Chain customs in complete safety.