We are pleased to inform you that from 12 May 2014 Franzosini SA will further expand its transport network with the inauguration of the new Embrach subsidiary, located near Zurich.

Franzosini AG Embrach – FRANZOSINI INTERNATIONALE SPEDITION ZÜRICH – is located within the spaces of the Free Point of Embrach-Embraport: the new branch will be a point of reference for our German-speaking customers, guaranteeing a functional and professional management of all shipments destined for Europe and will support the operations of the Chiasso office and branches located in Italy.

FRANZOSINI INTERNATIONALE SPEDITION ZÜRICH offers its customers the following transport and shipping services:


GERMANY: every working day, 2-3 days

ITALY: every working day, 1-2 days

BENELUX: every working day, 2-3 days

FRANCE: every working day, 2-3 days

AUSTRIA: daily, 2-3 days

SCANDINAVIA: Tuesday, Friday, 3-4 days

SPAGNIA: Tuesday, Friday, 3-4 days

PORTUGAL: Tuesday, Friday, 3-5 days

GREAT BRITAIN: Tuesday, Friday, 3-5 days

IRELAND: Tuesday, Friday, 4-6 days

EASTERN COUNTRIES: Tuesday, Friday, depending on the State

For any of your needs, please contact our Branch Manager, Mr. Fabio Mogwitz, who will be at your disposal for any request.