In the last months of 2016 we focused on an epochal transition: moving from the classic information website to a real portal of useful information for the internationalization of companies.

The idea was born from the experience lived daily in our operational offices, where all the needs and requests for information of customers who intend to make shipments and customs clearance to countries around the world are collected. In the embryonic phase it seemed an impossible task to achieve given the vastness of the information to be sought and inserted for each country, but then, with constancy and the right method, we managed to transform our old website into a concentrate of useful information to take the first steps towards the export of goods in the world.

The various cards of each country have been inserted in the 4 main languages (Italian, German, French and English) and include the basic information of the selected nation (capital, population, national languages, currency and other economic information such as GDP and turnover with Switzerland), bilateral relations and economic cooperation, business languages, system of weights and measures used, currency and customs tariff. Then we move on to provide a detail regarding the controls carried out on importation and any inspections that precede the shipment, the conditions of payment and how to draw up offers, indications of origin, methods of packaging goods and for shipments of samples as well as specifications on marking and labelling of goods. Finally, ample space is dedicated to the documentation accompanying the shipment and accompanying the goods to simplify the practices.

With this information, the user has a general framework within which to take the first steps to turn his gaze beyond national borders and to be able to immediately focus his attention on the bureaucratic and administrative peculiarities that distinguish the various countries of the world, always being able to count on the support and advice of our experts.

So today, on the www.franzosini.ch site, the user can find in 4 languages:

  • all the main information about Franzosini (history, financial information and technology);
  • an ad hoc section dedicated to our periodical Franzosini Solutions, which can also be reached directly from the http://www.franzosini-solutions.ch address;
  • the section dedicated to the presentation of the services offered to customers (customs operations, national and international transport, land, sea and air transport, logistics and storage, pharmaceutical sector logistics);
  • maps, with all the useful information to set up the first shipments to the various countries of the world;
  • a specific section on quality and environment;
  • news, FAQ and the section dedicated to Franzosini’s work;
  • contacts.

We are confident that the efforts made by our experts in implementing our new website can be of real support to the activities of visitors and we remain available for suggestions or reports in order to further improve the quality of the services offered.

Happy browsing!