Dear Customers,

in order to offer an increasingly wide range of services that meets your business needs, we are pleased to present the implementation of the service of compilation and presentation of intrastat lists through the Italian company Franzosini srl, active at the Customs of Varese, Gaggiolo and Ponte Tresa.

The Intrastat model was introduced by art. 50 of D.L. 331/1993 following the abolition of customs barriers within the European Community in 1993.

Through the Intrastat Model, all purchases and supplies of movable property made by each person holding a VAT number towards suppliers and customers belonging to a member state of the European Union are listed at the Customs Agency.

The presentation of the models must take place at the office of the Customs Agency competent for the territory with manual paper mode or with manual floppy disk or even electronically through the E.D.I. telematic system.

It is mandatory to indicate in the Intrastat lists the transactions relevant for VAT purposes: the purchases and supplies of movable goods from suppliers and customers belonging to EU member states, and holders of VAT in their own state, the services related to those transactions and movements of goods other than purchases and transfers to and from subjects belonging to EU member states.

The submission of the models to the Customs Agency can take place on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis depending on the volume of intra-Community transactions carried out during the year.

As is clear, the considerable requirements associated with the Intra models require adequate customs expertise and continuous contact between the exporter and the submitter of the lists themselves.

Our daily contact with companies that carry out EU and non-EU trade and with the Customs allows us to propose ourselves as a privileged referent for everything related to customs matters and therefore also able to solve issues concerning Intrastat models, usually delegated to accountants or professional firms.