SA Luciano Franzosini: 95 years of history!

1929 – 2014: SA Luciano Franzosini celebrates its 95th anniversary. Let us look back together at the major milestones in the journey of the historic international transportation company from Chiasso.

Franzosini & Butti now also in Felixstowe

F&B Ltd – Franzosini & Butti Ltd, your reliable customs agency in Dover, extends its scope of operations to the port of Felixstowe, an important development that further consolidates our presence in the British logistics landscape.

Opening of a new customs branch in the United Kingdom

This new UK customs clearance project, which is called Franzosini and Butti LTD, is a story of hard work and resilience. Being able to open a company in a pandemic period, in a country in full lockdown, at a distance of over 600 miles, is undoubtedly an extraordinary thing and a first great success.

naturemade energy certification

NATUREMADE: FRANZOSINI IS PROUD TO BE ABLE TO GUARANTEE THE ORIGIN OF ITS ENERGY 100% FROM RENEWABLE ENERGY SOURCES SUCH AS WATER, SUN, BIOMASS AND WIND. The sources of electricity production can be divided into four main groups: renewable, non-renewable, waste and...

Great success for evvdatacenter

the Evvdatacenter system is a very functional, intuitive and complete portal as well as being a perfect archive where you can find all the documents. The company has had considerable savings both in terms of time for the usability of data, and space: paper / electronic archiving is no longer necessary and the various files that can be extracted from the system satisfy every request

Obtaining AEO certification: Franzosini does an encore!

Double AEO certification for Franzosini, both in Italy and Switzerland. SA Luciano Franzosini has obtained the qualification of AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) Full, or with certification for the customs part (Customs) and for safety (Security).

Environmental sustainability with the ralpin rolling motorway

SINCE MARCH 2017, WE TRANSPORT WITH THE ROLLING HIGHWAY   Since March of this year, we have introduced the service called “Rolling Highway”, managed by the company RALPIN. The idea of being able to offer our customers a part of transport by rail, is...

Franzosini presents the new website

OUR NEW WEBSITE YOUR INFORMATION PORTAL   In the last months of 2016 we focused on an epochal transition: moving from the classic information website to a real portal of useful information for the internationalization of companies. The idea was born from the...

Franzosini Solutions, the magazine

Focus Magazine Franzosini has created its own magazine in order to provide a series of useful information dealing with the complex issues concerning the international transport sector, customs, administrative tasks for international operators, risks related to...

Purchase of new Renault Magnum Euro5 tractors

We are pleased to announce the purchase of three new Renault Magnum Euro5 EEV tractors and a Renault van from the new Master series. These vehicles represent an important investment for our company and will allow us to further improve the quality of our services,...