Why should an international transport company, which already only for the services offered – precisely “international” – shows a clear openness to foreign countries, flaunt a link with its territory? What is the reason for a company that speaks four languages on a daily basis to enhance the importance of its local dialect? What is the link between a Mendrisiotto theatre company and a shipping company?

They would seem to be questions with little sense or with obvious answers, but with this brief reading we will show the reader that when it comes to Franzosini the term “obvious” does not exist …

Returning to the questions, in fact any company with a distinctly international vocation and orientation would probably like to link its image to events of global importance, or at least the widest possible. Instead Franzosini has well appreciated the opportunity to appear in a comedy film that will probably affect only Ticino and northern Italy: the second film on the big screen of the “Palmira”, of the Comedy-dialect Company of Mendrisio.

The film just released in theaters on October 15 and entitled “La Palmira, complotto nel Mendrisiotto”, follows the first film appeared at the cinema entitled “La Palmira ul film” in 2013, and is all in the narrow dialect of the lower Mendrisiotto: you can imagine that it will be fully understood, for the type of “humor” and dialectal jokes recited, only by Ticinesi DOC.

The dry jokes, the character traits of the frank and sincere characters and the rediscovery of the values of simple things are the basis on which the plot of the film develops harmoniously and telling a story that could be defined as “mystery-comic” funny and original. Here we will not tell you the plot of the film, so as not to take away the curiosity to go in person to see the film at the cinema; here we will explain that La Palmira, Franzosini, the people of Ticino and their territory are united by genuine values and simple “things” and this concept is precisely the meaning of our association.

Ticino is a well-known land of work, it is true, but it also boasts cultural traditions that attract tourism and curiosity from all over the world.

The crowded streets during the day, the squares and streets of the cities tidy and clean, the people who meet for a chat, a “quick” sandwich or a dinner “al grottino …” And the village spetegulat are things that only those who live in this land can understand.

Returning home after a day of hard work and having dinner with your family with a hot dish followed by roasted chestnuts, watching the snow whiten the surrounding landscape or enjoying the beauty of the long summer days in beautiful Ticino can not be described in Italian … these are things that can only be explained if told in dialect, perhaps by someone like the main actor of the film Rodolfo Bernasconi, who in a brief interview with him and the director Alberto Meroni, which then turned into a friendly and informal chat, told how his theater company has always dealt with current stories and deeply linked to the historical-cultural context of the moment, but strictly in dialect.

It is the strength of everyday stories that strikes people, goes to the heart and leaves something important in the memories: photographs of real people and indelible landscapes on territories lived by everyone, simple but incisive words to express difficult concepts, jokes to give you a stomachache like those you felt at the “circolino” or at the “village festival”.

Here we want to tell that theater, cinema, people, companies of a territory, towns, cities, mountains and lakes are all together part of everyday life and the invisible thread that binds them can only be understood if certain sensations are experienced in person: it is our beautiful Ticino spoken and perhaps told with its original and witty dialect.
I am from Ticino: I know, work and have always lived in my land and I find here the same passion that is recited in the great dialectal theatrical works of the great masters such as Eduardo De Filippo: they too in dialect, full of real life, of daily stories and distinctly linked to their territory.

Franzosini’s choice is perhaps now clearer for the reader: we want to remember and reiterate our origins and emphasize the belonging to our territory to distinguish ourselves from companies that do not have these values, which aim only at profit, which seize the business opportunities that the market offers and then disappear.

Franzosini has existed for 80 years, as Palmyra and its theater have existed for over 40 years… In a few years we will talk more about us, but well, but knows racumandi!

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