In this brief paragraph we just want to draw attention to current Customs practice regarding the affixing of the “Telematic Exit Visa”: currently Customs, when export goods cross the borders of a state belonging to the EEC, affixes a computerized exit visa that has replaced the old stamp in use until a few years ago.

The regulations stipulate that this “exit visa” must be affixed within 48 hours of the goods actually leaving the border. In case of failure to affix, the export transaction is canceled 90 days after issuance.

This is why the scrupulous Customs operator verifies that all the various exports have been duly recorded by Customs by checking the MRN discharge of each transaction. Only when this check has confirmed the successful export with the entry of the computerized exit visa will the documents be sent back to the exporting firms.

It should be pointed out that this methodology of ours is not mandatorily required by Customs; in fact, some operators return customs bills the day after the customs transaction without checking the discharge of the MRN and leaving this check to be carried out by the exporting company directly from the Customs Agency website.

Our company, while aware of making a slightly longer time frame for remittance of documents to clients, prefers to avoid that the importance of this control is omitted or somehow underestimated, and therefore takes care of this task directly by taking daily action on any omissions and giving our clients only the documentation that is already complete in all its parts.


Posted on

6 June 2014