The EUR 1 movement certificate shall be accompanied by the application for its issuance, which the operator shall sign, stating the reasons why he considers the goods declared to be of preferential origin. The firm signing the declaration undertakes, in all respects, including criminal law, to prove the existence of the necessary requirements for obtaining preferential origin.

In some cases, in order to have certainty of origin, the exporter needs information about the preferential or partially preferential status of the raw materials purchased in the Community. From the EU supplier of the goods, raw material or fine products to be marketed, the exporter may apply for the issuance of a “supplier’s declaration” or “long term declaration,” according to the schedule and modalities stipulated in Reg. (EC) 1207/2000.

The long-term declaration is valid for one year (it can also be issued for shorter periods), can cover all or only part of the goods produced, and can be issued for the benefit of all or part of the countries with which the agreements are in force.


Posted on

4 June 2014